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Strong in Faith


29 March 2021




Dear Parents and Carers,


Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Multi Academy Company – Strong in Faith


I would like to begin by introducing myself - I am Peter Davis and I undertake the role of Catholic Senior Executive Leader (CEO equivalent) at Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Multi Academy Company.


I am really looking forward to welcoming our family of thirteen schools to officially join us on 1 April 2021, Holy Thursday:


· Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School

· Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School

· Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Primary School

· Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

· St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School

· St Anne’s Catholic Primary School

· St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School

· St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

· St Edward’s Catholic Primary School

· St George & St Teresa Catholic Primary School

· St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

· St Peter’s Catholic School

· St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School


We all know that this is a challenging time for all schools not just locally but globally, and by working together as a school community collectively we can continue to support and keep each other safe. There is so much more benefit to our pupils if we can harness the collective strength and faith of our family of schools who all already have solid, trusted, and high-quality foundations in place.


Behind the scenes, we have built a central support team:


· Peter Davis, Catholic Senior Executive Leader

· Janice Murphy, Chief Operating Officer & Project Development Manager

· Michael Lee, Senior Finance Manager

· Daniel Wilks, Finance Manager

· Jane Martin, Administration and Compliance Lead


We have in place a Board of Directors:


· Paul Gray, Chair of Board of Directors

· Paul Bentley, Vice-Chair of Board of Directors

· Robert Brownrigg

· Annie Fuller

· Harold Hands

· Mary Johnson

· Jane Loughran

· Stuart Plimmer

· Peter Talbot


Once our new website is live and accessible from 1st April 2021, you can find out more about who we are and what we do. In the meantime, please do follow us on Twitter @OurLadyandAllS1.


You will not see immediate differences at school level once we become Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Multi Academy Company and whilst we are a new civic organisation, it remains important to us to be a part of the communities in which we live. We also wish to retain the wonderful uniqueness of each of our schools and their individual characteristics. Over time and as we develop, you will see that Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Multi Academy Company will bring together all our schools in closer working partnerships, closer relationships in how we deliver education, and at our core a combined commitment to ensure the advancement of Catholic education for our children and young people.


Where possible, schools will join Mass on Holy Thursday, 9.15 am, which is taking place at Our Lady of Wayside Church that will reflect on the Last Supper, and we invite you to join us too – the link to do so is


I sincerely look forward to meeting you all and I wish all our children, young people, parents, and carers a Holy and Blessed Easter.


Kind regards,



Peter Davis

Catholic Senior Executive Leader